Monday, July 18, 2011

Kate's Visit Part 4: Encore!

The drawback to having a back log of things to blog is that I have forgotten a few things.  I found a bit more of Kate's trip that I want to share.

We did a lot of walking around and also went to a bunch of markets.  I was able to share a few of my favorites with her.

Burough Market in Southbank is my absolute favorite thing in London.  It is a giant market, under a train overpass filled with all kinds of yummy, yummy food.  Like Pike Place, but on a much larger scale.  Often times on Fridays I go there for lunch and then pick up some cheese, bread, and red pesto.  (I'm salivating right now!)

This trip to Burough was especially exciting because Kate and I ran into Patrick Stewart, Captain Jean-Luc Pecard himself!  And when I say ran into, he and Kate almost bumped into each other.  It wasn't until after he had passed that Kate realized who he was.  His frequenting of the market is just a testament to how great it actually is.

Here I am, displaying the goodies we bought for dinner for that evening!

To work off all the food we ate, we took a stroll along the South side of the Thames.  here we are at Tower Bridge!

 Closer to where I live, in the East End, there are a bunch of really great markets on Sundays.  Petty Coat Lane, Spitalfields, and Brick Lane just to name a few.  They are filled with all kinds of clothing and jewelry and baked goods and antiques, pretty much anything a heart could desire.  One of my other faves is the Columbia Road flower market.  All kinds of florists and gardeners line a very picturesque street selling boquets of flowers and plants and fresh herbs.

Here I am with a couple of bunches of tulips from the flower market.

 Kate and I are big fans of musicals.  So naturally, while she was in town, we needed to see one.  Here we are after seeing Mamma Mia!  It was so much fun!  The singing and sets were great, as was the theatre.  (The only down side were the smelly, loud French boys sitting in the row behind us.)

Kate is such a sweet friend and surprised me by sending this photo in a lovely frame.  I have it on sitting on my desk right now!

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