Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mom's Vist to London: Dresden and Potsdam


While Mom and I were in Berlin we took the train to Dresden and Potsdam.  Dresden, about 2 hours south of Berlin by train, was very cool.  It was so amazing to think that all of the buildings were rebuilt after the city was leveled in WWII.  While we were here we did a ton of walking around, on both sides of the river, went into a few museums, one filled with quite an old collection of china and a beautifully done art museum, and took in as much sun as possible.


Mom and I visited the palaces in Potsdam one afternoon, New Palace and Sanssouci.  Both were extremely beautiful and the gardens and park surrounding them were very lovely as well.  They reminded me very much of Schoenbrunn in Vienna

New Palace


Looking down from Sanssouci


As you can tell we had absolutely beautiful weather on our trip.    I know I very much enjoyed it and I assume my mom did as well.  It was so nice to spend a couple of weeks with her.  I'm very lucky she could come to visit!

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