Saturday, May 28, 2011


Some months ago (seven to be precise) some friends from school and I took a boat trip to Greenwich.  It was beautiful, even though the weather was a bit overcast.  I live in the easter part of central london and never get to see grass or trees, so being in Greenwich was like being on a nature preserve.

This is a view of Tower Bridge from our clipper ride down the Thames

A large portion of Greenwich is occupied by the Naval College.  Most of the buidling were designed by Christopher Wren (the guy responsible for St. Paul's Catherdral).  I never get tired of looking at his architecture.

This is the huge park behind the college.  At the top of the hill is the Royal Observatory which is most famous for marking the Prime Meridian.

This is the view from the top of the hill.   The buildings in the background there are Canary Wharf.  On a clear day you can see central London in the far left.

This is me excited to see trees and grass!

This silver-arty thing is what marks the Prime Meridian.

And there I am standing on it!

We were lucky to come to Greenwich when we did (in November) because they began charging a 15 quid entrance to go in.  The museum itself houses a bunch of really clocks, but not worth the entrance fee.

See later posts for a sunny view of Greenwich!

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