Sunday, May 29, 2011

Mom's Visit, Part 1: Kew Gardens

A few days after Kate left, I recieved another special visiter in London:  My Mom!!  I had a blast showing her around the East end of the city.  We went to a bunch of my favorite markets, saw a couple of shows, took a boat ride to Greenwich, went to some museums and had a propper afternoon tea.

One really beautiful place we went was Kew Gardens.  The (very) amatuer photogropher came out in me and I went a bit photo happy.  Here are a few of the better ones.

There was a huge tropical house that had some very interesting plants and flowers:

There was a walkway around the top of the green house you could explore.

There was also a water lily house:

And the grounds themselves were incredible:

Notice the eggs in the nest!  There were also loads of geese wandering around this pond, who weren't too friendly.

This was a canopy walk that we went up.

On the canopy walk looking to the other side.

Another bird friend I made this day.

My Mom is very into gardening and landscaping so seeing all of the plants and flowers was very exciting for her.  I think she was jotting down ideas for her own back yard.

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