Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kate's Trip to London, Part 1: Hampton Court Palace

My best friend, Kate, came to visit in March for a week!  It was so much fun having her here.  We were quite cozy in my little, tiny dorm room.  But I loved spending every minute with her.

One of our first big outings was going to Hampton Court Palace, a half hour outside of the city by train west on the Thames.  Half the palace was home to King Henry the VIII.  The other half to William and Mary.

Entrance to the Tudor part of the palace

View of the Baroque of palace from one of the many gardens

We picked the perfect time of year to visit becaues the daffodils and the cherry blossoms were out!


One of the coolest parts of the palace was the hedge maze.  Kate and I got a bit lost though and had to follow a couple of 7 year olds out!

One of the cool gardens.  There were several of them with crazy shaped hedges all over.  I'm very impressed with the English gardens.

A different side of the palace

Stay tunes for more photos from Kate's Visit!

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